“Hello” or “Is anybody home?”

Wow. I’ve really been falling off this blogging bandwagon. Combination of being busy, and lazy, distracted and lethargic.

I’ll spare more details because I have stuff in the dryer that I want to fold up so I can go to bed. But in short: I had a GREAT weekend with my JLS (Jesus Loves Steak for those of you who still find the acronym a mystery) boys–and a few females we now refer to as "+". It was the first (and hopefully annual) JLS+ Christmas party! When kids start forming into the equation, it will be JLS+&-. It remains to be decided if the women or the kids will inherit the "-" designation… Maybe it should be JLS *&/ (JLS multiply and divide).

We had lots of good food–so much that we couldn’t get rid of it all at our impromptu small group Christmas party tonight. Good fellowship as well, with a few highlights being Sykes’ "late inning" steal of the first Christmas present opened at the exchange and Jayson and Laura’s reenactment of the Thriller dance they were part of at a recent wedding.

Jlschristmas04_05Not having hosted a party like that before (one that required cooking and cleaning…), I discovered that it can be rather tiring. I didn’t get to spend as much quality time with some of the guests as I would have liked. I was often bustling about the house picking up plates and washing glasses so they could be used again, checking on the meatballs and punch, refilling munchies and other odds and ends.

But it was so worth it. It’s a rare occasion when the whole gang gets together and it is always fun. And it provided an even rarer opportunity for the +’s to meet and mingle with each other as well as get to know some of us JLSers they’ve only heard stories about.

Viewing footage of the propane tank bombs was priceless–as was taking in the sounds of the Jeff Dubey-produced "JLS: Choice Cuts" CD.

People keep telling us what we have is rare; I guess I’ll keep believing it until I meet another group of friends like us.

Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a blogger, marketer and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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