Off to Meridian, MS

I’m heading to Meridian, Mississippi, tomorrow with my parents and some people from their church for a week of Katrina relief work. We’re leaving in about five hours. I’m notorious for staying up late the day before a big trip. Helps make sleeping in the vehicle easier… and thus the road trip pass faster.

Michigan to MississippiIn high school, stayed up just about all night the night before leaving for the YFC Florida trip. We were leaving after school that day–so I probably dozed in few classes… but nothing too critical happens the day before Spring Break anyway. I slept hard core in the bus on the way to Florida; it was quite incredible. Slept through a couple rest stops–with the lights turned on and people moving in and out and everything.

Not sure if that will be the case this time or not. But whatever.

Meridian is pretty close to the border of Alabama. I think we actually might be doing work in Alabama and staying in Mississippi. I’m not sure. I’ve never been to either state before, so this a good opportunity for me to see more of the country. And for cheep too. I’m not paying for much of anything except for food while traveling. And hopefully my traditional magnet/shot glass combo I’ve started collecting of the places I travel to.

I’ve done some light searching to learn a bit about the Meridian area and Katrina’s impact on it. Found out a bit, but didn’t take enough time to know as much as I’d like before heading down. But, that’s ok. I’m sure I’ll learn a ton when I get there.

Sounds like we’ll be doing a lot of clean up, possibly. Dad said their needs keep changing every day, so who knows? Cutting up debris with chainsaws, replacing windows, painting, shingling and some other things have been mentioned.

We’re working through some Mennonite church down there that is organizing groups that come in. We’ll be staying at a camp. Sounds like the camp workers are bringing in a big screen TV for the Super Bowl, so that will be nice to not miss that. But, I would have been fine just reading about it.

I have no idea if I’ll have internet access down there. I hope to be able to update as the week goes on, but can’t make any promises. Just check in periodically.

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