Yes, I was there. No, I didn’t see it.

So… I have a sad story for you: I was at the Piston’s game on Monday, where ‘Sheed banked at 60-footer at the buzzer to push the game into overtime and lead them to eventual victory. The Nuggets called a timeout with 1.5 seconds left, up three points. We and probably 60% of The Palace crowd proceeded to start heading to the parking lot.


Soon after we entered the hallway, we heard the buzzer sound and the crowd go crazy. This is what we missed, if you didn’t see it:

So, yeah… pretty lame. We missed witnessing one of the greatest moments of the season. I guess taking part in the Hallway Scramble was kinda interesting; some of us flocked around the nearest TV to catch the replays and discover what the crowd was cheering about. Others bolted back to their seats to ask strangers for their account of the miracle shot.

Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a blogger, marketer and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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