Fully Engaged: Preface

I’m getting married in 20 days. That’s a crazy, but awesome, reality! When God created me, one of the primary things He created me for was marriage. How fun to consider that 20 days from now, Heather and I will be husband and wife. Around this time, three Saturday’s from now, we’ll be dancing away like fools, enjoying our reception in each other’s company, along with family and our closest friends.

Being engaged is an amazing experience, actually. I highly recommend it. God’s been flooding me with all sorts of unexpected revelations these last few months, none of which I’ve shared about on this blog, as far as I can remember. Most have come in my Forrester while driving back from Valparaiso after a weekend with my love. Those drives, usually late at night, are typically very full of reflection, thanksgiving, prayer, intercession and worship — the last three of which do a great job keeping me awake and alert 🙂

So, over the next three weeks, I hope to dive deeper into these thoughts. I should have been jotting notes here and there all along as God’s been talking to me about this, because the specific revelations seem to have faded into the grander theme. But I have a hunch that as I dig into the theme, God will bubble many specifics back to the surface.

The grander theme is quite basic and simple, actually: A man and woman being engaged in the natural, in many ways, points to the engagement of Jesus and His bride, the church. By taking a closer look at my thoughts, feelings, longings and desires during this season of life, I’ve gleaned a new perspective on what thoughts, feelings, longings and desires God is birthing (or trying to birth) in me His church. What has been awakened in my soul from falling in love with and being engaged to Heather in the natural mirrors what should happen in the spirit as we fall in love with and are engaged to Christ. If these things aren’t happening, then one might have reason to wonder if something is missing or out of place in our relationship with Christ.

I won’t be jumping into specifics in this particular blog, but as an exercise for you married or engaged folks, I encourage you to take some time and reflect on what it was or is like to be engaged. What were your hopes and desires? What stirred you and made you happy, giddy and excited? How did things change once you had found your love, communicated your desire to spend your life with him or her, and became engaged for marriage? What priorities emerged? What things faded in importance? The list could go on for some time…Now, begin drawing some spiritual parallels to these and let the Holy Spirit talk to you about some of these dynamics in your relationship with Him. Take this idea with you into times of studying the Word and allow God to show you His desire for intimacy with you.

One of the primary symbols of our relationship to Christ is one of a bride to a bridegroom. I believe the season of enagement between a man and a women has as much potential as any to reveal how we ought to be relating to Jesus as we prepare for that great wedding in heaven.

Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a blogger, marketer and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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