Our mud room bench

Today I worked on our mud room. Adding a built-in bench and overhead storage area was a project I started with my dad during the visit he and mom made over Thanksgiving. Naturally, it’s lingered ever since, so it was nice to make some progress on it over Christmas break.

Mudroom bench progress

Today I focused mostly on fitting the 1×10″ pieces (ripped to 8 3/8″) that will make the top surface. After they’re all fit, I’ll stain them before fastening in. Then I’ll poly and do some trim and accent work before song the final paint and caulk.

I’m so grateful for the years of training and experience I received from my father as a teen and young adult. Even now, I continue to learn things from him as we do projects like this together when he visits.

A few years back we built this bed together. We’ll see what we put our hands to next!

Rustic bed


By Joel Maust

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