“It all comes crashing down” or “Undertoe”

Amazing how life nosedives so suddenly. It’s not that something in particular has gone “wrong” or that I’m in a worse situation now that I was a week ago; I understand it’s a perception issue and that my mindset has shifted.

But really, perception is a pretty big thing–maybe the main thing. It controls attitudes and persuades beliefs; it drives motivation and synchronizes communication and develops mission. And right now at work I have a different perception than I did a week ago and I’m not on the same page with my boss concerning the stuff I just mentioned.

Frustrating. I want to be. I don’t want to have this distorted perception of my workplace. But this feeling is recurring on a more regular basis and I don’t see a near end. Of course, I didn’t see these coming in the first place. Last week was great. But this week seems to be a different story.

So I’m in the market for a better attitude and renewed perception/perspective. I’m not very effective–as a worker, as a friend, as a Christian–when I get this way. I really need to do a better job of separating work from life.

“Forunately unlucky” or “Dates R’ Us”

Ever get hooked up through your parents? Hooked up for a date that is? Kinda weird. I find myself unexplainably resistant to the idea. But like they say, sometimes “Momma knows best.” I guess that remains to be seen.

The weird thing is that my Mom has never even met–or seen this girl. So it’s like a blind, blind date. My parents met her parents, from what I understand, just this past weekend. Like 4 days ago. And all of a sudden, I’m probably going to be traveling nearly 2 hours to a concert with her and some friends to see a mutual friend of ours perform. Very strange development.

It was this friend of ours who got the ball rolling some more. After I solicited his advice on her at the prompting of–you guessed it–my mom, he gave her a call to see if she was going to the show I was planning to attend. In there he threw out the idea that he had some friend he wanted her to meet. Apparently she had heard about this “friend” (me) via her parents, just as I had heard about her via mine.

You see, our parents (our mothers at least) seem to be planning our futures and we haven’t even met yet. Nor have our mothers even met each other’s child! Their both going off what the other says, which is certainly an idealistic projection.

But with the doors opening so quickly, and my current dating life being abysmal as it is, and Darin going the extra mile to not only give me a grand thumbs up but also facilitate what may be a first “date,” I can all but fall in line and follow the leader, who appears to be my mother but hopefully is Jesus.

“Going crazy” or “Gotta shut that door”

The external door in our office can remain open no longer… Fresh air or not, I can’t handle that annoying background buzz, or hum, or noise, or whatever it is any longer. It’s some kind of insect, but I haven’t been able to track it down and exterminate it yet. All I know is it’s REALLY loud and really annoying.

Seems I’m the only one who’s bothered by it. Maybe the upper-frequency detection of my ears more closely resembles dogs than humans…

Oh…in a related story. A few nights ago I did track down the cricket that found its way into my home and would bust out its noise-makers at night. Uncompassionate as it may have been, I ended its life with a 2-foot square.

He provided a good chase, though.

“Kinda rich” or “Yep…kinda rich”

So my camera went for just over $974. I guess that isn’t bad. Didn’t get to $1000, which is kinda good because now I can still use PayPal without having to set up a business account.

I think it’s worth more, but it’s used and older and doesn’t come with the boxes and manuals and all that stuff. So I can understand.

Anyway I look at it, I got a pretty good deal. A friend sold the set to me for $1000 about two years ago on a no-interest, four-month payment plan. So I basically got to use a Nikon F100 with some great accessories for two years for $25.

Not bad 🙂

“Rich” or “Not so rich”

So, this guy supposedly from Indonesia e-mail’s me about my F100. Says he loves the offer and wants to pay $1400 for it. I was hoping to get $1000, so naturally I was pumped. The catch is that he can only use credit card, but not through PayPal because they don’t service Indonesia.

He then encourages me to seek alternate means of accepting a credit card order. Odd request, I admit, but I humored him and surfed around, looking for how to accept personal credit card transactions. I find a few means of doing so, but they all take a 3 to 5 percent cut from the sale and require sign-up processes and all that garbage. Stuff I can’t do the night of the sale.

So then I start getting suspicious. Couldn’t the guy just send me a money order if he wants it that bad? So I search Google for “ebay Indonesia fraud” and vola! I get some results!

Turns out, Indonesia and a couple other countries are havens for credit card fraud and that it is in fact fairly common for a person to get an outlandish offer for an item from a person in Indonesia. I guess they usually end up buying stuff with a bad credit card and don’t want to go through mainstream credit card systems because they know they’ll get caught.

“Brilliance” or “IG-NOR-AMUS”

(Actual post time) August 25, 2004, 2:14 AM

Brilliant…I just got the e-mail from typepad. Apparently I set up my username as jm427 rather than the usual jm4727. T Y P O

Praise God for password and username recovery…I would have NEVER thought of jm427. I tried joelmaust, jmaust, j_maust, jdmaust, jdm4727…but certainly not jm427…

“A night to remember” or “My boring life”

(Actual post time) August 25, 2004, 2:10 AM

Tonight is significant for a couple reasons. No, it’s not because I’ve stayed up past two on three consecutive work nights (I do that on a regular basis), nor is it because of the neat projects I just finished at work.

It’s my inaugural blog and e-bay sale!

However, I can’t post this live tonight (can’t remember my typepad user name…I thought I ALWAYS used jm4727 for this very reason: that I might forget what it is and have to go through the hassle of having it e-mailed to me.) So, I’m blogging in the ugly MS Works–my new laptop’s default word processor. When I find some time, I’ll be converting to the MS Office suite. Thank Spring Arbor University for $15 educational pricing on the ENTIRE professional package!

Anyway…so I’m blogging (I’ll have to add this word to the software dictionary…I’m getting sick of thinking I’m writing typos when that squiggly red line busts out) for the first time, and I’m selling my beautiful Nikon F100 package, complete with three lenses, the vertical control grip and a stud flash. Looks like the auction will be a success, but we’ll know for sure in about…let me check…40 minutes. I’m contemplating staying up for the close, but I’m not sure yet. Might just set my alarm and get some shut eye instead.

Oh–another cool thing about tonight before I close: this is the first REAL time using my laptop on our wireless network. Fun stuff. Get up, check the weather, sports, all that good stuff. I’m going to have some real fun with this…