“ABCs” or “Update on Chase 11”

So, Mom told me to get to bed earlier tonight. I REALLY wanted to, but it just didn’t happen. Darn “24.” Just too good of a show to watch only one episode. I have season 2 on DVD and just watched episodes 4 and 5. It’s starting to get good…real good.

The reason I was supposed to get to bed tonight is because a bug might be going around our family. My sister-in-law Amy came down with the 24-hour flu the other day and missed two days of work because of vomiting and dehydration. That was Monday night and Tuesday and Wednesday work days, I think. Eric and I visited my sister and Chase in Ann Arbor on Wednesday evening.

Eric didn’t think he had the bug, but started feeling weird towards the end of his stay at the hospital. Turns out he had to pull over during his drive home soon after he left. He had the bug after all. So, we’re somewhat concerned and praying against Chase or anyone else getting sick. My mother has been banned from visiting Chase this weekend because she was around Amy the day she came down with the flu and took care of Eric while Amy was at work on Thursday.

I guess I’ll see what happens with me. I’m feeling ok so far but I guess if I come down with something, I won’t be visiting this weekend either. More stupid attacks against us.

Anyway, you want to know about Chase. From the title of this blog, you can gather than he’s said his ABCs. That’s correct. When I was there Wednesday, he was helped through the alphabet and numbers 1-13. It was pretty impressive. He knew most everything, just needed help pronouncing them correctly. He’s continuing to display what I thought might be the case: that the information in his brain is for the most part in tact and he just has to be retrained how to use it.

He sees physical, occupational and speech therapist twice daily and is doing very well in all of them, though not always on the same days. Seems like one day his speech skills advance while his motor skills don’t. And that’s fine. He has a lot of stuff to re-learn and he can’t be expected to do it all at once.

But it’s great to see life back in him. On Monday–the day he spoke his first words since the accident–Andrea said that he “looked like Chase again.” It’s in his eyes. He still has times of frustration and agitation, but for the most part he’s enjoyable and likes to interact with people.

One disturbing thing was when he fell asleep on Wednesday around 9:30 while I was still there. He had a bad dream, and it seemed like it was about the accident. He brought his hands up around his neck and was kicking and struggling like he was being strangled. It was hard to watch–especially for Andrea as she was reminded of the situation all over again and caught a glimpse of what Chase might have gone through. I immediately prayed against the spirits that may try to haunt him.

Seeing that was another reminder that we are still very much at war in this situation and that nothing can be taken for granted. The enemy’s attempts to steal life are ongoing. And like I’ve said in previous entries: that whole thing ticks me off and I won’t take it.

But the Lord’s established victory and is being glorified. His work continues to be mighty and we thank him daily for the miracle that is being written all over Chase’s life. We thank him also for the huge support base he’s blessed us with and all the prayer coverage being offer on the behalf of our family.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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