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40 Days of Increase: Do I still believe?

It’s been seven years since I created the content that eventually became my book 40 Days of Increase.

So much has happened since then. So, so much. 

We’ve moved—lots (as if that’s a surprise to anyone, given our track record).

We bought a business.

We built and sold our house.

I was forced out of my job.

We’ve dealt with chronic health issues.

We stopped attending church.

We’ve seen marriages blow up, friends abandon their faith and things hoped for not pan out.

And those are just some of the big things we’ve personally navigated the past seven years. Layer on top of them all the things we’ve dealt with as a country and people: nasty politics, racial tensions, pandemics and lockdowns, wars, natural disasters, inflation …

It’s been a lot. 

So where do I stand on the idea of perpetual Kingdom increase I so confidently wrote about now that I’m seven years further down the path—and possibly a bit jaded? 

Does the increase of his government and peace still have no end? 

Do I believe his leaven will still permeate every part of the dough?

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“A wisdom model” is how Morgan Snyder proposes men approach their 30s. There’s no better source of true wisdom than scripture—the words of Jesus and the proverbs in particular.

This section of Proverbs 3:3 from The Passion Translation embodies truth I’ve lived by, sometimes intentionally but oftentimes not. Much of it I attribute simply to my upbringing. Integrity was strongly modeled by my parents and extended family.

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God’s Invitation to Become a New Creation

Four years ago, I started on a journey I never finished. In fact, I probably didn’t even start, but rather intended to start or wanted to start or thought it sounded like a good idea to start—like when you watch a documentary about sugar or juicing or minimalism and are all pumped to embrace a new paradigm … until you go to sleep and wake up the next day and either forget entirely or just get sucked into the vortex that is everyday life.

This happens everyday. To all of us. And apparently it happened to me four years ago.


Remembering what is ours in Christ (video part 3 of 3)

We wrap up our 3-part series by remembering what is already ours in Christ.

“AWARENESS and REMEMBRANCE of what is ours in Christ is the very key to possessing God’s promises in increasing measure!”

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Video 2 of 3: Increase your hope!

In part 2 of our 3-part video series, Heather is on the whiteboard! We cover the topics of Kingdom increase (it’s always happening) and hope (it’s greater than character). And we also share a powerful acronym for HOPE that God gave me a few years ago that has proven to be incredibly helpful in maintaining a Kingdom mindset.


Survey Results and a Father’s Day Mini-message

A few days ago, I requested that people respond to short, three-question survey to help me finalize my book and also let us know which common problems they experience the most.

Well, the results are in and we reflect on them a bit in this brief video. Watch it to find out the results and also hear a mini Father’s Day message and encouraging word from Heather.

We’re kinda rookies at this, so pardon the poor audio quality! Hopefully we’ll get that figured out for our next one.

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Running with God vs. Running from God

I’ve recently heard separate commentaries on two Biblical stories that have the common element of ships enduring violent storms: Rick Joyner referenced the story of Jonah in a recent word and Paul’s adventurous trip to Rome at the end of Acts was taught on by Lance Wallnau. In both teachings, the United States, battered by extreme circumstances, is prophetically represented by the ship and the church, full of truth and destiny, is represented by God’s messenger aboard.

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The Race of Faith