“Congrats, Iggy!” or “And then there were…six?”

JLS member #4 has begun the journey toward the next season of his life. Chad Craig, longtime co-shorty of the group along with Otis, asked for Sherri Yoder’s hand in marriage this past weekend. His phone call on Sunday took me completely off guard. I mean, I knew they were serious…but it still took me off guard. Craziness.

We’re almost to the halfway point. No JLS weddings this past summer, but looks like we’re reloading for ’06. There are six of us left and as far as I know right now, half of the six are en-route and the rest of us aren’t even close.

I think Otis, Dubey and I should just forgo the system, order some brides from Russia, and move to Tasmania. I’m sure we’d all get along.

P.S. — Did you know Tasmania’s air is known as the cleanest in the inhabited world?

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

6 replies on ““Congrats, Iggy!” or “And then there were…six?””

Wow. I know how you feel! After Brooke – there are only 4 of us left, we are now a minority among the “group.” Not sure Russia is the best place to go looking for a bride though … Poland maybe, hmmm – maybe they have mail order grooms in the Czech Republic, I like it there. Tell Iggy congrats! I dont know that I have his email anymore – but I’ll search for it. :-) OH, and there were some interesting articles on Tanzania in last months National Geographic Traveler.

Um, yeah. I agree with April on that one. You’ll find yourself a sweet Christian gal one of these days, my friend. You’re a great guy, and I appreciate your depth. You’re right about Tazmania though; I think that if I went there, I wouldn’t accomplish a whole lot simply because I would be too busy listening to people talk!! Hee hee! :o)

Hey I am leaving for Russia in 2 weeks…do you want me to take your picture of you with me and try to scope out some Russian girls for you? Cause I WILL!! Ok maybe not, but I just hope to fall for some rich entrepreneur while I am over there…he will take me on a jet setting adventure around the world….a girl can dream can’t she?! I am going to a few other places while I am there, I will scope them out for you and let you know if you need to go ahead with the ‘mail order bride’ idea…hahaha!

What a SLEW of comments…!

So, is the article in National Geographic Traveler about Tanzania, or Tasmania (an in, the Tasmanian Devil)? I suppose I’d be up for either. And just when I let my subscription to the magazine run out! Blast!

I think Tasmania has now become my destination of choice behind (or beside) Bora Bora and the mystic Galapagos Islands…and New Zealand… Note that Chad Craig has been to New Zealand already, so he’s now two up on me.

Krista, feel free to spread my mug across Russia’s grand landscape. Just don’t litter Moscow’s streets like they do in Vegas.

I’ll expect a full report on single Russian’s when you return. Maybe you’ll spot the next Maria Sharapova while you’re there and rise to fame being a tennis star’s agent.

hmmmm – so I meant to say Tasmania, but I said Tanzania – maybe that is because I like tanzanite? Who knows – its late – Im sleepy! Have a good weekend joel!

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