“Craziness” or “Life without Clark”

Clark is getting married Saturday. It’s nuts. Another friend passing on into a huge next stage of his life. And I can just wonder what it’s like and guess how long of a line I’m in.

It’s not like the Secretary of State office, where you pull a number off the round, red number-feeder and then look up at the red LCD indicator that says "Now serving number 42." And you can look down and see that you’re number 51, knowing that a wait exists but the end is in sight. You can get annoyed with people writing checks and taking forever and being confused about license renewal policies, but again the end is in sight and it’s pretty bareable.

That’s not my situation.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about Clark. And he’s holding number 43 and he’s next up. It’s exciting; there’s an energy around him–an anxious joy about things known and unknown, all things to come. He and our friend Dave, who’s visiting for the wedding, are in bunk beds in the other room, talking with the lights off like fifth graders about to enter junior high. Exciting, but scary at the same time I suppose.

We had a blast playing video games and cards tonight. Good guy stuff. Just building community and memories these last few days. Scott, Clark, Dave and I were all on the same cross cultural trip to England and Scotland in May of 2002. We had some from on that trip.

Things will be different when Clark moves out. As loud and different than me he is, he’s fun to have around and certainly adds a flavor to life in Jackson. Scott and I haven’t really lived together–just the two of us–for a long time. Maybe all the way back to our freshman year of college. Josh lived with us right after college, and a few months after he moved out and got married we bought our house and Clark moved in. So, that will be different as well.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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