Eric Dares to Be Great

Highlights of birthday week 2009 (in chronological order):

  1. June 20: Par-tay at Cascades with the local gang of friends–which ended with a great game of ultimate frisbee!
  2. June 21: Tigers game at Comerica with my beautiful wife–which ended with 4-3 win for the Tigers!
  3. June 23: A night out with Heather, including dinner at Daryl’s and dessert at Cold Stone–and ended with a great massage!
  4. June 28: Fun day with the family (parents, brother and his kids) at Nixon water park and then Loomis Park for a BBQ. And it ended with my brother Daring to be Great at the Parlour! (To see how my brother finished the dare… you’ll have to visit the Flickr photo gallery).
  5. June 29: Good bike ride with my parents to Concord and back on the Falling Waters Trail. Heather and I finished our time with them with a mighty-fine meal at Cracker Barrel.

Thanks to all who helped make my 30th birthday so special!

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

3 replies on “Eric Dares to Be Great”

Just wanted to say I’m glad you had a good birthday. May God bless you greatly this year.

Also, I enjoyed the pictures of Eric. We all knew he was great anyway.

30 is an AWESOME year!! Glad you had a great birthday (I know I am late in even responding, but I did wish you a happy birthday on FB early to make up for it..haha!!)

Thanks for the b-day wishes! 30 is an awesome year. I mean, it was the year of life Jesus began His earthly ministry and it was the year David began his reign as king. Following their precedent, I’m just about to get started!

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