Exodus 34:23-24

“Three times each year every man in Israel must appear before the Sovereign Lord, the God of Israel. I will drive out the other nations ahead of you and expand your territory, so no one will covet and conquer your land while you appear before the Lord your God three times each year.”

God basically assured His people that it would be okay to leave the land unattended three times a year so they could go and visit the Lord. I’m sure this was tough for Israel to buy into, because obtaining the Promised Land wouldn’t come easy. They’d be driving people from their homes and territory and their enemies would naturally want the land back. How could they send all their men off the front lines–off the lines period, actually–and not expect the ‘Ites to come storming in to reclaim theirs?

A lesson in trust. What don’t we trust God with? What’s He calling us to give up focus on in order to focus on Him? What are we holding in our white-knuckled hands, stuffed deep in our pockets, that He wants us to set out in Grand Central Station for all to pass by? Do we believe that He’ll protect what He’s given us from coveting and conquering eyes? Do we believe He truly rebukes our devourer (Mal. 3:11)?

Do we trust Him enough to really pursue him uninhibited, unreserved, with abandon?

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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The three annual festivals: Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Weeks or Pentecost), and Sukkot (Tabernacles, Tents or Booths). They had to go wherever the presence of God was—first the mobile tabernacle and then permanent temple in Jerusalem.

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