“Fear” or “Update on Chase”

I’m introducing some of you to this situation and updating others. I’d appreciate any prayer you could offer on my family’s behalf. Please pass this along to any prayer chain your church has or that you are personally connected with. Thanks.

My nephew Chase, 5 year-old son of my sister Andrea, was involved in an accident at home on Sunday that resulted in him being strangled by some drape chains (the things you use to open and close patio door drapes). My niece Celeste found him blue and not breathing and tangled in the chain; she called out for my sister who was in the basement changing the laundry. Chase still had a pulse and Andrea performed CPR and breathed for him until the paramedics arrived.

He was air-lifted to U of M children’s hospital. Since early Sunday afternoon, he has been kept chemically unconscious, chilled to 95 or 96 degrees, and under assisted breathing to minimize any brain activity and allow his body and brain to completely rest and recover. They’re going to remove him from that state tomorrow afternoon and see how he responds to stimulation and assess any damage.

We aren’t sure how long he wasn’t breathing; it may have been several minutes. So, they don’t know the extent of any damage. We don’t really know how it happened either, though my mom speculates Chase may have been playing “super-heroes” (he loves spider-man and the hulk) and could have been trying to swing from the drapes.

I guess the treatment for brain trauma is basically time. So, it will be stressful as we wait for a diagnosis. But it also provides a great opportunity for the Lord to heal Chase and minister to our family.

My sister is battling a great amount of guilt about the situation as well. Please pray specifically against lies the enemy is speaking into her mind about inadequacy as a mother. There is nothing she should have done differently and she saved his life through CPR.

Quick review for prayer:

Names: Chase (nephew), Andrea (sister), Grant (brother-in-law), Celeste (niece), Shelby (niece).

Topics: healing of brain trauma, family unity, overcoming guilt and fear, doubts about God’s ability/desire to heal, full restoration of Chase’s health

Obviously our entire family could use prayers for peace, faith, understanding, unity and growth from this experience.

May the enemy’s plan to steal life from our family be used for God’s glory and the expansion of His kingdom.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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