“Food, shelter, etc…” or “Churches respond”

This was good to read from The Detroit Free Press: "KATRINA’S AFTERMATH: Churches take charge and care for survivors."

"Many churches have found a niche, becoming mini-relief agencies, filling in gaps
where the government has failed."

The response is what Frank and I were talking about in my previous blog: the church meeting people’s needs, beyond what the federal government and civic groups are doing.

I especially like what one pastor said to his staff: "Your job description, you can kiss it
good-bye." The systems we have in place in the Church are often the very things that keep us from ministering to people and responding to their ever-changing needs. It’s good to hear a pastor realize how disposable our routines should be.

I pray it continues.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

One reply on ““Food, shelter, etc…” or “Churches respond””

You should come on down and take a look at what is going on. Many churches
really are rising to the occasion. Have you ever read Marvin Olasky’s RENEWING
AMERICAN COMPASSION? It discusses the role of the church in modern society
regarding issues of health and wealth etc (aka providing for the people instead
of allowing the government to be the primary source of support for America’s
impoverished). But the point of this little comment is to say how amazing it is
to witness firsthand the outreaching of the church into the community during a
time like this. I have wanted to help out so many times in disaster situations
but have always been hindered due to the fact that it usually isnt close to home
– but now I have the chance. Sad amendment to that thought – why do we think of
church involvement only during times of crisis? Not to say that we all do – but
still it seems more prevalent now than 3 weeks ago…the condition of the world
certainly is a sad one…
btw – how are ya? Didnt get to talk to you at the wedding so hope you are doing alright – tell scott I said hi

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