“Forunately unlucky” or “Dates R’ Us”

Ever get hooked up through your parents? Hooked up for a date that is? Kinda weird. I find myself unexplainably resistant to the idea. But like they say, sometimes “Momma knows best.” I guess that remains to be seen.

The weird thing is that my Mom has never even met–or seen this girl. So it’s like a blind, blind date. My parents met her parents, from what I understand, just this past weekend. Like 4 days ago. And all of a sudden, I’m probably going to be traveling nearly 2 hours to a concert with her and some friends to see a mutual friend of ours perform. Very strange development.

It was this friend of ours who got the ball rolling some more. After I solicited his advice on her at the prompting of–you guessed it–my mom, he gave her a call to see if she was going to the show I was planning to attend. In there he threw out the idea that he had some friend he wanted her to meet. Apparently she had heard about this “friend” (me) via her parents, just as I had heard about her via mine.

You see, our parents (our mothers at least) seem to be planning our futures and we haven’t even met yet. Nor have our mothers even met each other’s child! Their both going off what the other says, which is certainly an idealistic projection.

But with the doors opening so quickly, and my current dating life being abysmal as it is, and Darin going the extra mile to not only give me a grand thumbs up but also facilitate what may be a first “date,” I can all but fall in line and follow the leader, who appears to be my mother but hopefully is Jesus.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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