“Good news” or “Bad news”

(In case some of you are wondering why I’m not calling and chatting about my trip: I left my cell phone in Colorado at a friend’s house…)

So… bad news first: Baby died. Baby–the cat that is. My cat; the cat I adopted from Eric and Amy. He (yes, he’s a “he” and named Baby and is white and extremely fluffy) passed away the day I left for Colorado. We don’t know what happened, but Scott found him stiff and quite dead, lying by his food in the laundry room this past Thursday evening.

He was 10 or so–in human years.

Baby_rip_web_1You can see more pictures of him at my photo site, including a new commemorative “Rest in Peace” picture, ready for order in 8×10.

I got pretty sad making that picture and looking at the others. The fact that I had placed his photo folder in the “Family” directory on my hard drive shows that I did see him as part of our family. He lived with Amy most of the time, but with my parents for a stint and with me.

Baby probably never received more attention than he did these last five months. He was a hit and the center of attention with nearly everyone who visited. Clark, Scott and I were always willing to host him on our lap in spite of all the fur he left behind.

I loved watching him try to run his tongue through his severely think fur and seeing it get dried out and practically caught before finishing the pass of cleaning. Despite his inability to clean himself thoroughly, he was beautiful.

He even triumphantly caught a mouse a few months ago without his front claws.

I guess the thing that bothers me now is the fact that I didn’t get to rub his stomach one last time or say goodbye. No more Baby affectionately brushing the side of my calves as he walks by when I’m using this computer.

He’ll be missed; he was good company when the other roomies were gone.

The good news? I won’t go into great detail here…yet…but I had a simply incredible experience at the Wild at Heart Boot Camp. All you who knew God had something up His sleeve for me could not have been more right.

More on that later.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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My heart is sad over the death of Baby. He will be missed; however, the fur all over the place won’t be!! I liked Baby and his affectionate ways. When we had him as a kitten he use to sleep on my shoulder. He also would sniff my lips and then give them a quick lick. I am sure this is a blow to Eric and Amy; however, they have more pressing things on their minds with the twin’s birth less then a week (if not sooner) away. We will call you tonight! Love, Mom

Joel; I know how you feel about Baby. I still miss Prince (remember our dog). Nobody ever greeted me or greets me the way he did when I come through the door. I also know my family loves me, but that is the way it is. Prince knew how to greet a person (I suppose all dogs do.) :

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