I’m set for months

I think I just stumbled upon the JACKPOT! 25 pages of AW Tozer sermon audio. There are 20 sermons per page, except the last, and each sermon is around 30 minutes. If I did my math right, that’s over 240 hours of Tozer sermons. Part of that is a massive, 34-part message on 1 Peter.


By Joel Maust

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I am wondering why you used the word rediculous at the end of this post. You respect Tozer, so why the word rediculous? I know that is a lot of sermons on 1Peter, but there is a lot to learn as well.

Ridiculous in a very good way… It’s a word I use kinda like “bad” was used back in the day. Bad was good. “Ridiculous” is not so much what it implies, but rather “fascinating” or “unbelieveable” or “too good to be true”.

Though 34 sermons on 1 Peter could be considered slightly, actually ridiculous, I can easily see how it is possible when listening to Scott preach. He’s usually tempted to go 50 different directions and fights to stay on target. I’m pretty confident he could pull 34 sermons from it.

If you’re wondering where I picked up the slang usage, I think Darin got me on it.

jon, I wouldn’t use the word insanity. I would use the words “Spirit inspired”. Romans is chock full of inspiration and spiritual lessons. I can see why Piper could go on and on…a Spirit led Energiser Bunny type guy.

OK, I have to ask. What is going on in six days? Yon, or should I say, Jon, you should be with your lovely wife on that evening. It will be Feb. 14, Valentines Day, after all.

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