It’s a sad, sad day…

…when the Pistons finally admit the Darko experiment is a flop. We could have had Carmello; we could have had Bosh; we could have had Wade.

But we got Darko–a draft likely to be exalted to the most extreme levels of idiocity, right along with the Trailblazers drafting Sam Bowie before the Bulls took Michael Jordan.

It’s the one and only mistake made by Joe Dumars, and it’s a dandy.

NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com on Tuesday night that the Pistons and Orlando Magic were close to completing a long-discussed trade that would relocate Milicic, 2003’s No. 2 overall pick, to central Florida. [Full story…]

I held out for the kid for a long time. I told cynical friends time and again that Darko was touted so high for a reason and that he just needed time. Even when I’d see him half-jogging up and down the court, working about as hard as a tycoon’s teenager, I held onto hope.

Give him time, give him a new coach, give him anything

What he needs is a flame under his butt to get him working.

Hopefully, a change of climate will help him out. And hopefully, the Pistons can get a real steal with the draft pick we get for him.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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