“j-j-jitters” or “Caffeine affects me after all”

Ok. Usually coffee doesn’t do ANYTHING to me. But today, something a little funky is going on. Maybe it’s my lack of anything-else-of-substance in my system (besides the last of Mom’s zucchini bread). After taking in a full stainless steel travel mug of java at staff meeting, I have the jitters. Not necessarily a bad feeling…but a strange feeling. I suppose most of you coffee vets know what I’m talking about…or at least remember a time when you could relate.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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Similar story…I made my first pot of coffee at my new place a few months ago. Since this wasn’t an action I was accustmed to, I followed the directions on the bag. It said 2 T per 6 fl oz. I have a four cup coffee pot and I put around 5 T of coffee in. Needless to say – I was a bit jumpy that day. My kids told me the rule to follow is put half the amount of T as Cups. So I should have put 2T instead of 5T. Maybe whoever made that coffee likes it strong or is a moron like myself and doesnt know what he/she is doing. Good luck with that!

OK. I am going to be Mr. Anal Coffee Expert Man. April, you should make the coffee as the directions read. If you make it like your kids say, the coffee grounds are over-extracted and the coffee is bitter and not the right flavor. That’s why if you buy coffee at Starbucks or Caribou it seems so strong. They make it the right way compared to the weak coffee that most people are used to. If you do not like your coffee that strong, the rule is to add water to it after it has brewed.

Hahahaha. That’s funny, bro. I, in fact, made the coffee that morning, which is most of the reason I actually had some. And it was probably the best coffee of the week. My coffee-connoisseur boss testified by saying “this is really good coffee.” No mystery to what she meant about that.

I’m going to attempt to write a Real Men of Genius about Mr. Anal Coffe Expert Man. Stay tuned.

wow – i never thought i was a coffee wuss. in fact, im usually very picky about my coffee and think most brands to be too weak. im a coffee snob and really only love foriegn brands – café brit from costa rica and illy from italy are my favorites. but maybe i just did my math wrong that day. my heart seriously felt like it was going to burst from beating too fast…i hope my coffee tolerance is not lessening…that would be so sad – just like when my tolerance for jalapeño peppers began deteriorating…such a sad world i am living in :-(

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