Jack Bauer, you’re my hero

Dan’s watching 24 season 6 in the other room. Torture, I say. Torture!
I’m drowning out any traces of it with Newsboys at my computer. I still need to watch eight hours of season 5 on DVD… and then wait about 10 months before I can partake of season 6.

Sorry Krista. I know it kills you that I’ve committed to living a season behind…

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

One reply on “Jack Bauer, you’re my hero”

I am dying!!! Just Dying! I am also watching season 5 again…because there usually is nothing else on. And sometimes you miss things watching from week to week…

Dan is a good man! But as a friend I won’t blog about it so that you have the full experience when you watch it next year. But seriously Joel…you are killing me! haha!!

Last night was really good…found out a lot…and it will just get better from here!

I am just sad that ‘Heroes’ is now on at the same time. I am too cheap to purchase a DVR so I guess I can catch up on that during reruns…because Jack has my attention on Mondays. I am glad that my small group was cut short last night. Because my VCR (that is right I said VCR) didn’t kick on so it wasn’t recording when I got home…glad I made it home on time and realized it.

I will say that you have a lot of self control…I would have had to leave the house so not to me tempted to walk into the next room and watch it with Dan.

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