Just past the graveyard

I took this picture Sunday evening. I chased the sunset from the West Ave Dunkin’ Donuts past my apartment and to the corner of Springport and Sandstone. I was just about losing hope Springport would offer a view of the horizon when I came upon a graveyard that backed up a hill to a field. Though it’s hard to see in the picture, the field was littered with hay bales and rolls gently and is quite beautiful. It will be a good place to visit again sometime.

After watch Spider-Man 3 downtown Sunday afternoon (I plan to sometime blog about my Spider-Man 2 and 3 reflections after watching them both for the first this weekend), I took advantage of the amazing weather and walked around downtown Jackson for a couple hours. How my appreciation for it grew! It really is quite beautiful—especially on a day like Sunday.

I wish I had had my camera with me, but at the same time, it’s nice to just have memories of things sometimes—especially when you’re spending the time with the Lord. We walked and talked and just enjoyed the late afternoon. It was really good for my heart.

Lastly… be praying for me. I’m preaching at church this Friday evening. I’m really excited. I haven’t given a “formal” teaching since two April’s ago. I did a sermonette one Friday a few months ago and of course share quite a bit at the small group I lead. But, it’s nice to get these opportunities to share what the Lord’s be teaching me in a more official way… and brush up on my speaking / teaching skills while I’m at it. I hope to cut down on my usage of the word “like,” which I completely beat to death in April ’06. Saying “like” is about as bad as saying “ummm…”, which we all know is a public speaking no-no.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

3 replies on “Just past the graveyard”

Uncle Joel I hope you know that I think you’re the most amazing guy in this world, you take amazing pictures and you write amazing entries. It’s so rad.

And I wanted to let you know that you are going to preach an amazing message on Friday, I know you’re going to do so good.

Ah you finally saw Spiderman 3! I’m looking forward to that entry, Spiderman is my favoriteee.

And I haven’t gotten your card in the mail yet. :( I’m looking forward to it though, it’s the only card I really care to receive.

And I was wondering, could I possibly spend another weekend in Jackson this summer? I really want to go down there again before I start school up again, let me know if thats possible.

I’m finally 16 and I take my road test reallly soon! :) yay.

Hey Shel-belz! Thanks for commenting. Sorry your card is tardy. I actually forgot to put it in the mail when I said I would. I’ll bring it up to the Frankenmuth this weekend, along with your gift :) Looking forward to seeing you and hanging out.

And yes, I’d love to have you over again this summer. I have a new couch, a new TV, some new furniture… a new office I could show you. I’d like Celeste to have a chance to come too, if possible. But I hear you two aren’t getting along the greatest right now… so we’ll see :-/

Love you much!

PS: You’ll do fine on your road test
PS2: Remember when you thought you wouldn’t be able to drive? And remember when I said you’d be fine? :)

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