“Next assignment” or “Things that make you say hmmmmm…”

I think I just discovered what my next assignment is, which actually has been taking place for a about a month or two.

I think I’m in a learning / training stage–a final, very hands-on and practical preparation for things to come.

I’ve been thinking about the whole assignment idea off and on the past couple months. I knew I was out of my initial SAU assignment (which was to spur a new quality / standards paradigm at UCOM), but I’ve felt quite aimless the past few months. I transitioned from being very frustrated to very content–something I knew God wanted me to do before leaving. But other than that, I’ve just been plodding along, doing work and thinking down the road.

Well, these past two months or so have been pretty intense learning periods. I’ve taken MAJOR leaps forward in my understanding of Web stuff, which has bled over into projects I’m doing on the side, allowing me to take them places I wouldn’t have been able to a half-year ago. And we just recieved our new Canon-based camera equipment, which will allow me to dive into some new photography techniques and skills.

So, I find it less than ironic that this flurry of exposure to knew things that I find very exciting comes at a time when I’m just coming to grips with the possibility of venturing out and making my own career.

I need to pray and think about this idea some more and see what else God has to say about it, but it rings true in my heart…and that’s a huge initial confirmation. It also generates excited-anxiousness about things to come and makes me want to dive in to what He has for me to learn all the more. So, I think I’m on to something…

Oh…and there are ways this "learning assignment" concept touches on more areas of my life than just the professional me. So that’s some more confirmation.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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