Not the usual update from me

So, here’s an unusual update from me: an undetailed, here’s-what-I-did-the-past-few-weekends:

  • Spent Labor Day weekend enjoying marvelous weather in the marvelous Thumb of Michigan, soaking up lots of sun and dripping lots of activity-induced sweat. Sometime, I’ll get to those pictures I took of friends knee-boarding on Lake Huron at sunset and the new wind farm just down the road from my parent’s.
  • Spent the following weekend enjoying marvelous weather along the marvelous sore of Lake Michigan, taking pictures at Emily (Starke) Mitchell’s wedding. What a perfect day for a beach wedding. After recouping at a hotel overnight, spent most of the next day on the nicest beach I’ve ever been at in my life: Silver Beach in St. Joseph.
  • Spent the following weekend enjoying marvelous weather in Indiana, catching up with great friends Darin and Otis, along with old friends Redford, Liz, Seth and Sarah, as Michigan soundly defeated Notre Dame. Tossing the pigskin and frisbee at halftime was great… along with the BBQ pork loin Red spoiled us with.
  • Spent the following weekend (this past weekend if you’re counting) enjoying marvelous weather along the marvelous shore of Lake Erie at the thrill-seekers paradise Cedar Point. Having not visited there since ’98 (or ’99), I was long overdue. I hadn’t ridden Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster or Maverick, all of which I was able to board and thoroughly enjoy. Those three were amazingly intense in their unique ways and a blast to ride. The Magnum was still fun and so was the Power Tower… but my enjoyment of them suffered from having tackled their younger, new-fangled siblings prior.

I hope to spend this coming weekend enjoying marvelous weather… in Jackson, Michigan. $40/tank was getting pretty old :) I’m very thankful to the Lord for blessing us with a month of such great weather to enjoy the Great Lakes State and its neighbors.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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