“Overseas” or “Exported customer service”

So I finally got around to reporting all my credit cards lost. Maybe longer than is wise to wait, but there was still no activity so, I wasn’t frettin’. My one oberservation from the whole reporting experience is this: I’m almost positive most customer service centers are routed overseas–at least the graveyard shift of 24-hour service.

All four of the people I talked to (yes, it’s sad I have four credit cards, but only two have balances, and one is no interest until two falls from now) had an Indian accent. I would rate BankOne the best customer service, then Discover, and Best Buy and lastly Home Depot. I could hardly understand what the Home Depot woman was saying to me. I had to ask her to repeat stuff multiple times–even though by the time I called them I knew pretty well what information they wanted since I had told it three times already. The connection was real tinny-sounding too and I’m sure it wasn’t my phone since the other three were fine.

Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a blogger, marketer and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.



about 15 years ago

Hey Joel, I am posting here as promised. I totally know what your saying because most tech help hotlines are overseas now too. I don't know anything about computers and to top it off, I can't understand the person trying to help me. Total anarchy! Anyway, thanks for coming to Juliepalooza and I hope we can hang out again soon. Oh and Megan Fetter had her baby last night. A cutie pie with a full head of dark curly hair just like Andy!


sher bear

about 15 years ago

you need to keep up with this! there are people out there who need to hear what you got!


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