“Profound?” or “A time of adjustment”

So it’s kinda weird coming down of the deep-blogging hill I sat upon for a while. I freeze myself from blogging sometimes because I don’t necessarily have these broad theological statements or reflections to make, as I was for a while. I’m thinking "Umm…those couple readers out there want to hear something worthwhile, not rants about work-place stresses."

But, I guess I’m probably just being self-conscious again. A blog is a blog. My disclaimer from the start was that sometimes it would be interesting, sometimes not; sometimes deep, sometimes shallow.

The thing about "wading" (see blog title) is that the water is always changing. I don’t wade through an isolated swimming pool or pond, but waist-deep off the Florida coast. When things are slow, water slaps at my stomach gently; the water is refreshing and enjoyable. When things get hectic, waves rise over my head and lift me from the ocean floor–I’m at the mercy of the water.

Both are necessary to fully appreciate either. I guess that’s where I’m at: experiencing a little of each.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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Hey Joel, we just wanted to say hi, I am here with my mom and Anne, and my friend Jolene, we are reading your posts on your website. Hope you have a great thanksgiving!! Vassar is soooo fun:) haha

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