I don’t think God prefers it this way, but sometimes people just have to be puppets in his hands and serve him unknowingly. We’re called to be co-laborers with Christ—to join Him in birthing and creating Kingdom reality here on the earth. But for those who don’t actively seek to that, well, they’re sometimes just pulled along for the ride. And actually, I guess that would quite often be the case for me and others as well as our wisdom continues to pale in comparison to God’s foolishness.

Anyway, I just skimmed a recent blog entry by ArtServe Michigan’s president and CEO Needa Delaney. I’m on ArtServe’s mailing list so I can keep general tabs on Michigan’s art movement. The entry’s theme had an uncanny connection to a prophecy that was recently released over the state by Todd Bentley. I have no idea if she has a personal relationship with the Lord or not, but assuming she doesn’t I couldn’t help but think she was being guided by Him and being used to establish His agenda in the state.

Her main idea in the blog is that no matter what sector we work in, the people of Michigan can come together around the common theme of “creativity.” Business people benefit from creativity, teachers benefit, manufacturers benefit, artists benefit… we all do. And the arts and culture movement is a catalyst for creativity abroad.

Here’s some of her own words, posted on Oct. 8 under the title: A Creativity Agenda for Michigan:

I think the time is right in Michigan to begin a movement around a shared agenda focused on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, an agenda that is rooted in our past and absolutely essential to our future. And I believe the arts and cultural sector can be the catalyst for this movement.

And now, a tid-bit of Todd Bentley’s prophecy over Michigan, which he spoke on Aug. 23 and had it posted on the ElijahList on Oct. 2. If you read the whole thing, you’ll see that in the natural, he knows next-to-nothing about Michigan. He’d never been to Michigan before and the only place he ever heard of was Detroit. He was ministering in Grand Rapids, but he hadn’t even heard of that… our second-largest city.

There’s something very creative as far as a creative anointing that’s in the spirit, that’s in the readiness of the spirit; it’s in the climate; it’s in the atmosphere. And Heaven is very open for creation, if that’s what I could say about Michigan. Heaven is very open for created things, for creation, for apostolic, for creativity, for arts, for drama, for music, for business, for finances. There’s something very creative. And the anointing I saw last night was a creative anointing, it was an anointing to create, to build.

You would probably want to read both in their entirety (especially Bentley’s, because it’s really powerful) to get a full grasp of what they’re talking about. But kinda similar, hunh? Delaney’s title choice: A Creativity Agenda for Michigan especially stands out, because that is clearly one of the Lord’s current agendas for our state. Bentley’s just helping unlock it.

Puppets, I say. Puppets.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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