“Small group” or “Join in the fun!”

I just stumbled across the brilliant idea of expanding our small group…to you! We’re shifting gears a bit and developing study questions ahead of time for the group to think through in preparation of our time together. And I thought I may as well spread the wealth.

So, to catch you up a bit, we’re part way through a study of what Jesus had to say about the Kingdom of God. As it turns out, he had a LOT to say about the Kingdom. But at the same time, us church go-ers do a LOT of ‘kingdom’ talk. I tend to think we’re only scratching the surface.

If you really want to be up-to-speed, read Jesus’ kingdom dissertation in Matt. 5-7 (yes, he was successful in defending it; he rose from the dead). And then check out his creative writing approach to kingdom-speak in Matt. 13.

Without further ado, join the dialog! Post thoughts, comments, discussion questions of your own…whatever. Wading Through Life has been one-way communication for too long!

  1. If the kingdom of God is TRULY like a valuable pearl or treasure-laden field that a man sells all he has for, are we missing something? Are we not clear of the quality of the pearl or value of the treasure?
  2. Is there a better ROI (return on investment) than the kingdom of God? Read Matt. 7 and think through some of the benefits entitled to kingdom residents. They aren’t all glaringly obvious…but they’re there! Also, remember that original investment IS required!
  3. What is God asking you to give up for the pearl…the kingdom?
  4. Read Matt. 13. Think about the narrow gate. Are you on the path? Does mainstream, status-quo “Christianity” lead people along the path and through the gate? Who did Jesus say was going to pass through the gate? Who wasn’t?
  5. What spiritual baggage are you carrying that could make it tough to squeeze through the narrow gate? Are you allowing God to show you the true path to the gate?
  6. Think through the commands of asking, seeking and knocking (Matt. 7:7-12). Are they one in the same? Or is it a process to engage?
  7. What good gifts does God want to give you? What do you desire that you simply haven’t asked, sought and knocked for?

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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