Speaks volumes

Here’s one Yankees fan’s reaction to Detroit’s trouncing of the Bombers:

[shrugging his shoulders] “They’ll be back next year,” said Sweeney, who drove nine hours with his buddy Jeff Paul to see tonight’s game. “They’ll be here every year. Let the Tigers fans have their fun.”

Sounds like a spoiled kid who breaks his Gameboy DS on Christmas Day. No big deal. Dad will buy me another...

The guy doesn’t even appreciate the Yankees’ success. He just expects it. If they lose, no big deal: they’ll win again. If they win, well, they had better: they’re supposed to.

That’s what makes the Yankees so easy to hate. And that’s what makes the Tigers’ victory so sweet.

Reminds me of the Piston’s trouncing of the Lakers in ’04. Nobody thought it was possible to shut down the best money can buy. But money doesn’t buy heart, desire, determination, guts, passion… It buys numbers. And while numbers will get you calculated, consistent success, it won’t get you intangibles. And that’s what the Yank’s haven’t been able to buy these last six years. Despite $1 billion spent on sickening salaries–they haven’t landed a championship and have exited the playoffs in the first round three times. And this year to the lowly, three-seasons-removed-from-119-losses Tigers.

Bless you boys. You’ve Restored the Roar.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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