“Wallet” or “That thing that you stick in you pocket”

It seems I have misplaced my wallet. This isn’t exactly a rare occurrence, but not finding it for several days is. After searching the pretty much top-to-bottom, I’m not considering other options, such as the coffee shop I went to Friday or Westwinds, which I spent considerable time at this weekend.

If it doesn’t turn up tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be forced to cancel my cards and all that junk. What a freaking hassle. Pray for my sanity.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

One reply on ““Wallet” or “That thing that you stick in you pocket””

Yes, it is a hassel to deal with the ramifications of a missing wallet. Remember that mind was stolen. When you call the credit card companies have them tell you the last 2-3 purchases to verify that they are your purchases. Also you may want to call the “big three” credit report companies to get credit reports:
“Transunion” (1.800.680.7289)
“Experian” (1.800.301.7195
“Equifax” (1.800.525.6285)
You may also want to report this to the local athorities, especially if there are purchases on your credit card that are not yours. This helps protect your identity and keep your name clear. This is a big hassel, especially having to get a new license, etc. I hope your social security card was not in your wallet. Love, Mom

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