“Where does it end?” or “The implications of creating”

Can the simple act of being creative be ministry? Wouldn’t that ultimately point to the creator, when done in reverence and awe?

It’s a fine line, but what does it look like to shift the focus from “doing” creative things (like tricky, edgy, “creative” ministry ideas) to simply “being” creative…and letting that creativity scream “God loves you” to people–kind of like God’s creation does to us?

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

One reply on ““Where does it end?” or “The implications of creating””

Joel, I agree with you. That’s something that is highly emphasized at our church. We just held our Creative Infusion Conference this past weekend. One thing I think people were encouraged to do was to simply BE what God created them to be. Since we are created in his image, having the ability to create just as He does, we wanted people to walk away knowing that they just need to be the creative beings that they are, and in turn they can pour into their ministries their creative abilities. That’s how we want people to know and love God is through our abilities as a staff and as volunteers at Daybreak…to just BE creative in sharing the timeless message of Christ with people. (By the way, I passed on your resume to our Creative Arts Director…he said the church is searching for a full-time Tek Director).

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