“Classic” or “Classic IGNORANCE, that is…”

Physician-assisted suicide… Tough topic; very tough topic. Especially tough after watching Million Dollar Baby. I can’t imagine I would want to go on living after having everything I knew swiped from me. But somehow I’d have to find God’s grace to be sufficient–for real, not just in idea.

EuthanasiaAnyway, I couldn’t help but bring this rediculous picture to the surface. I truly hope all the reasons people are holding to in support of euthanasia are better than the reason of the person on the left side of the picture.

"You would do it for your dog," it reads, "Why not for me?"


It’s not a sign of rights-infringement. It’s a sign of respect for the human race. If your dog is sick and you off it, most wait a couple weeks or months and then go get another. Sure, there’s heartbreak involved; I’ve seen it first-hand in the life of a coworker. But her family also moved on pretty quick when they were able to secure another dog.

Holder of the Stupid Sign, is that how you want your family to be when you’re "put down?" Do you want them to cry for a day or two and then go pick out another pet? Do you want your life’s value equated with that of the Organic Home Security System?

Com’on, people, us "conservatives" aren’t trying to make you suffer. We aren’t trying to be power-mongers. We aren’t merciless. We’re trying to preserve the last few shreds of human dignity this country has left.

Moral relativism’s roots are in the enemy’s lie that we as humans are NOT the pinnacle of God’s creation…that we aren’t uniquely made in his likeness and that we have no value beyond any other species.

Abortion and physician-assisted suicide are the prime examples of our time with what happens when we loose site of a Christian worldview. Quite simply, we start justifying and legalizing sin.

Read the article: High Court Weighs in on Assisted Suicide

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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So I had the students read of Mice and Men over the summer. One of the questions on their “Welcome back to school” exam was – do you think that George’s actions were proper? I was so surprised to find that most of my students said ‘yes.’ If you havent read the story, I wont give it away – but it has to do with ‘mercy killing,’as some would call it. I had them read a few loaded articles on the topic and I truly surprised by their reactions. (other than the fact that most of them had no clue that the term euthenasia wasnt referring to the adolecents of China) They really didnt see a problem with it. And these are kids from the ‘Bible belt’ with strong Baptist upbringing … what are we teaching our children?

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