“Hungry?” or “Pythons n’ gators don’t mix”


Ok. Hope you don’t get grossed out with this. But, it’s really a headline I had to share with you:

Python Explodes After Eating Alligator

Yes. You read it right. Python EXPLODES! It’s a little hard to make out what’s going on it the picture…so I’d be sure to click it for the large version.

I guess pythons are disrupting the eco-system of the Florida Everglades due to people disposing of them after they’ve run out of novelty as house pets. They probably think they’re doing the noble thing by sparing the python’s life and putting it out in nature. But it’s actually threatening the food-chain and messing with an $8 billion restoration project.

So, anyway, gators and pythons are the resident top-level predators in the area and face off now and then. Scientists originally thought that the gators would control the python population, but it now appears that it’s about 50-50; no real champion has emerged.

In gross illustration of that fact, the above image has surfaced. Even though the python won to duel, the gator still "emerged" somewhat victorious. For as the python was ingesting the gator, the victim was still alive to a certain degree and must have snapped at the python’s innards and weakened them to the point that it ruptured the python.

Both the 13-foot python and the 6-foot gator died, as you can see.

Comforting is the fact that humans shouldn’t be too scared of visiting the region. Small children might be at risk…but not adults :)


By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

One reply on ““Hungry?” or “Pythons n’ gators don’t mix””

so you’re saying I should send my students to Florida? J/K But wow – questions I have for God when I get there: why did you make snakes so big? and mosquitos? seriously – come on now!

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