Community Relations, this is Joel. How can I help you?

So, that’s how we’re supposed to form our greetings when answering the telephone. Since I’m new, I’ve done this only a few times. Most people I work with simply pop their head in or shoot me an e-mail if they have a question.

But some phone lines have been crossed and for some reason, I’ve had two numbers coming to my phone. As a bonus, some number that’s floating around in the community directs to my phone, and people have called with complaints and billing questions. Whoops. I’m not exactly trained in customer service.

Were it SAU, it wouldn’t be quite as bad, as I’d likely know who to direct the person to and how to actually transfer calls. That’s not exactly the case with me at Foote yet.

Hopefully this phone line ordeal will be resolved soon.

Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a blogger, marketer and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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about 12 years ago

At least you are answering the phone right. Twice last week I answered "Univeristy Communication, this is Jason". Oops. I've gotta retrain the brain, baby.


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