Grandpa Henne

He wasn’t my grandfather; he was Scott’s. And he passed away yesterday after a massive heart attack. He had a minor one a few days ago and then a big one Wednesday morning.

Scott’s doing okay. His eyes were a little red yesterday when I got back from church. He and Julie had traveled up to the Thumb mid-afternoon to see him after they heard about the heart attack. He came out of his bedroom when I was putting my bags away and said “He didn’t make it.” At first I thought he might be talking about the bat–that he had tracked it down and killed it. But, he clarified and I gave him a hug. He wasn’t terribly emotional; I think it was out of his system from the time with the family.

Both his grandfathers have passed away now. Grandpa Anderson died our sophomore year of high school I think. I remember the football game Scott played riding that news; he was a warrior. His heart was completely sunken because of how close he was with him, but Scott somehow summoned the inner strength to play a great game. That’s the kind of person he is; he rises to the occasion. He’s clutch. He’s dependable when the stakes are high.

So, Scott’s going to have quite the weekend. The funeral is Saturday morning and Iggy’s wedding is Saturday afternoon.

I feel bad for him, given that it’s already a trying time in his life since it’s the last month before his wedding, we’re trying sell our house, Julie’s looking for a job… Lots going on for him. And neither of his grandfathers will see him get married, so that’s tough too.

Be praying for him and his family. He said they’re all doing good and are glad he isn’t suffering anymore. But it will still be a long weekend for them.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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