“Iraq” or “I think this is really cool”

Oh, the freedom we take for granted…

In polling places throughout the country, ordinary Iraqis not only braved significant violence to go to the polls, but also demonstrated that they understood the stakes, and that they knew what to do.

"We feel now that we are human beings living in this country," Muhammad Abdul-Ridha, 25, a Najaf goldsmith, said after dropping his ballot into the box. "Now I feel I have a responsibility, I have a vote."

And this:

Some Iraqis found in Sunday’s election a victory that may ultimately loom larger than that of April 9, 2003, when Mr. Hussein’s rule collapsed. The victory then was largely of American making, and one that, despite their relief that the tyrant was gone, many Iraqis felt they could never build on.

"The election was a victory of our own making," said Mr. Rubaie, the security adviser. "Today, the Iraqi people voted with their own blood."

Taken from a New York Times article.

By Joel Maust

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