“Loser” or “A rough start to the year”

My fantasy football teams are flourishing just about as much as my faith is right now. They’re both 1-1, about to be 1-2 after Monday Night Football, have lost a couple games at the last possible moment, and are across-the-board underachieving.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

2 replies on ““Loser” or “A rough start to the year””

Question – is the Emily who commented earlier Emily Hoover? Cuz that would make me really happy :-) And the million $$$ question Joel: Did you take any pictures at Mackinac? I just framed the one I got from the Hurricane Relief Fund – and it looks great in the last remaining wall “space” :-) Have a great week!

Not Emily Hoover, but Emily Hall. She’s a friend of mine I met at Focus in Colorado. And we’ve kept in touch since.

I have run into Emily Hoover a couple times lately. I traveled with her and Sherry Owens to the Tigers game on Saturday night. And she was at church tonight for a special speaker. I’ll say hi to her for you.

Glad the picture looks good. I took some in Mackinac but haven’t looked through them yet. Not planning on anything great since I had only about 30 min dead time while I was there–and only around the Grand Hotel. Zero exploration time.

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