“Poor guy” or “Sometimes the truth will get you busted”

Jon Moeller, the Washington Nationals’ longtime chaplain, simply nodded; and it was a nod that probably cost him his job. The question he affirmed with his nod? "Are Jews doomed because they don’t believe in Jesus?"

Tough question for sure…in the sense that by answering it he had to know things could get messy. But what’s the guy to do? Deny what scripture tells us? Doomed is kind of a harsh word…but, when it comes down to it, I guess that is the situation those who don’t call Christ lord will face.

Sadly, everyone and their brother at the Nationals is saying the reported remarks "do not, in any manner, reflect the views or opinions of
the Washington Nationals franchise."…thus wiping their hands clean of the Bible.

I was very glad to read that the ministry that assigns MLB chaplains, Baseball Chapel, hasn’t just reacted and yanked Moeller to please the Nationals, but wants to talk it over with the team. Seems like they aren’t caving to political correctness.

In a fitting, compromising ending, Ron Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Council of Greater
Washington, said it would be more appropriate if non-denominational prayers were
offered so players of all backgrounds could participate.

Who, exactly, does a person pray to in a non-denominational prayer–assuming non-denominational prayer means inter-faith prayer as the context suggests?

See the entire article, "Nationals suspend chapel leader," on ESPN.com.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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