West Virginia

I’m heading to West Virginia for a few days to whitewater raft, mountain bike and camp. I’m pretty excited, though most of you who know me well know that I tend not to forward think a whole lot, but live in the moment. So, while I’ve thought about how fun it will be, I don’t get real, real excited in advance of pretty much anything.

This is good in some ways, not so much in others. For example, I tend not to stress out in advance about much, but not planning in advance can lead to stressful moments if I didn’t think things through enough.

Anyway, I hope to get some nice pics while I’m down there, but we’ll see how it goes. Not sure what the setting is going to be like, but I’ll let you know when I get back.

Chow. Ciao.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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Yes, have fun and be safe! The teacher in me is going to correct your spelling of one of the Italian words for good-bye. It is ciao, not chow, as in the culinary sense in the English . There, you have had your spelling lesson for the day :>) I love you!

how was is?!?!? phil and i went in may and it was AWESOME! we didn’t shell out the $20 for a single picture (are you kidding me????) but I have a link (on the blog) of the day we went down the river in “duckies” which were inflatable kayaks. rafting was so fun…hope you guys had a blast!

The trip was awesome! After getting through the first night’s rain shower and subsequent sleeping quarters-wetness, things were great. Both rafting and mountain biking were a blast!

Pictures will come. I got a few decent ones I think. I might buy one of the rafting pictures… not sure yet. They’re even more expensive on the company’s Web site… but what can you do?

Going down in duckies would be an even greater adventure. But since I have zero kayaking experience, I think I’ll stick with rafting and just take it up a notch by going on the lower and upper Gauley sometime.

Maybe you guys can teach me to kayak sometime :)

we’d be happy to!! i want to go in the fall, so i’ll let you know if anything comes of it. i don’t have any vacation days, so it would mean scrambling to get a friday off, driving down friday, rafting all day saturday and driving home sunday if you’re interested. at this point, it’s just something i really reall want to do, but i’ll let ya know. =)

the duckies were a blast…anyone can go-especially after you’ve been rafting, but the pics make us look way more dangerous than it really was-hehe.

glad you had fun though!

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