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I’m home. And just like my spirit is fat after I hear Pastor Scott preach, my brain is fat w/ way too much information about the Web. Two-and-a-half days of Web 2.0 bliss is just hard on the head.

It’s not that I feel overwhelmed, as my compadre confessed to a bit. I’m just tired. Thinking and processing so much wears a person out. Shows how much influence our brain has over the rest of the body. I slept more during the trip to Orlando than I usually do during a given week and I’m still whiped. Suppose the travel has some to do with it, but it’s not like I was switching time zones.

So anyway, it’s nice to be back home. But the bad thing is that I forgot to pack my house keys… and Dan isn’t home. So I’m not actually home. Jason (travel buddy) graciously opened his home to me until Dan returns. The lesson here: don’t make vital decisions at 4:20 a.m.–such as if you should pack your keys or not. Have that all decided the night before. Not sure how I arrived at the conclusion that since I wasn’t driving, I wouldn’t need my keys. But I guess it made sense at that time in the morning.

This fiasco has already messed up some plans, most importantly being my plans to get the turkey soaking in some kosher salt, water and apple juice for tomorrow’s small group Thanksgiving party. Hopefully Dan won’t return too late tomorrow. Or I’ll have to make an emergency run to Kroger and spend some fat money on a thawed turkey.

And then there’s the Wii launch tomorrow morning I was considering standing in line for tonight after turkey preparation. But I just might set that purchase on the back burner for the time-being. I really want it, but I don’t want to commit the time to it right now. Actually, I really do want to commit the time, but am not convinced I should. Might have to be a post-holidays purchase. Too much going on this time of year. Too easy to get distracted by cool toys.

Sorry, Mr. Wii. Jesus first. And other stuff too.

By Joel Maust

Joel Maust is a marketer, blogger and photographer living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

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